Business Cards

by Anna Kokkinopoulou
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Business card remaining a mainstay of a business.

If you don’t want to miss out on a key marketing opportunity, you have to got a card that you can hand out to prospective clients or collaborators.

Business cards represent our personality or the personality and style of our business.

business cards

Not all business cards are created equal, to stand out you need to create a design that looks fantastic, and helps you differentiate yourself. An effective card can elevate your business above your competitors.

design business card-anna kokkinopoulou-evexia

Tips for the perfect card

although the “canvas” is tiny we can be creative within the constraints

We create special finishes, cuts and of course we love the unusual materials.

Make your client to keep it forever… make your business card work as more than simply a business card. Example: design a business card that act as a holder for your mobile

I can make a thousand of proposals but at the end the final decision is yours.

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